Sunday, March 16, 2008

Bush used to be a band

The other day my co-worker bought some Red Stripe for a St. Patrick's Day party she was planning to attend on Saturday. I asked about Red Stripe being Irish and she said it's Jamaican. I said that one of my favorite groups named Bush had a line out of a song that was "Red Stripe & vicodin" and I'd always wondered what Red Stripe was. My pop culture sadness is that when I mentioned Bush she looked at me all blankly and I could tell she was wondering why I liked a band named after our president. Now she grew up in Seattle, and was down w/ the music scene back in the day. She is 5 years younger than me but still! How did Bush go from being a major 90s band to lead singer Gavin Rossdale becoming known as Mr. Gwen Stefani? With all that talent, and those great songs, it just doesn't seem right. I mean, they made it commercially. I saw them in two sold out concerts - one in Missoula and one in Seattle. Even now when they want to allude to the mid-90s the show Cold Case plays their songs - a lot. My theory is the fanbase just got too old and since the band broke up @ the height of its fame, today's tastemakers just don't remember them. I think if Pearl Jam, Chris Cornell and others weren't still creating new music all of the grunge scene would be "dead". Nirvana is still known because Kurt Cobain really is dead. It's still great music. I'm sad. Your thoughts? Also who, if anyone, even comes close to that type of music these days? And don't even say Daughtry. They are fine, but they are no Bush, Pearl Jam or Soundgarden.

Old business

Finishing up slightly old business, I promised you a photo of my Oscar ensemble w/ details. Don't say you weren't warned!

Shoes by Propet from
Socks by Hot Sox from Obsidian Collection
Jeans by Chic from Pamida
Oregon Coast tee from Rick
Rhinestone bracelet from Cookie Lee
Turquoise/Lapis cocktail ring from Ebay
Blue topaz cocktail ring from QVC
Turquoise earrings and star rhinestone earrings from Obsidian Collection
Silver ball earring from Ebay
Eyewear from Liz Claiborne
Lipstick in Red Stiletto from Lancome w/ Clyde lipgloss from tarte
Eyeshadow from NYX
Bag by Hello Kitty from Ross Dress for Less

As to the results, I'm thrilled No Country for Old Men rocked the house. Much deserved win for Coen Bros. I was jumping up and down happy that Falling Slowly from the wonderful film Once beat out the Enchanted drivel. Katherine Heigl had a fantastic retro-looking red dress on. Mom made excellent potstickers and other goodies.

Now its bad movie season for until fall. I am a bit concerned that the Nielsen numbers were down for the live telecast. After the writer's strike uncertainty I would've thought the numbers would be up. Several of my movie loving friends didn't even watch live or at all because they believe the movies nominated aren't relative to what the movie going public actually watches. I could go on a long diatribe about how people are so used to mediocre movies, they won't take the time for excellence. But instead I will just say that I'm finally going to watch Into the Wild this afternoon, so am still enjoying nominated movies almost a month later. See you at the movies!