Saturday, December 29, 2007

Before It's Too Late

Before It's too late, please check out one of the most incredible photography sites of 2007 365 Portraits by Bill Wadman has been a highlight of my year. Mr. Wadman is a photographer living in NYC and he has taken a photo of a different person every single day. They haven't all been famous, but he has included photos of such illuminaries as Imogen Heap and Buzz Aldrin. You can still view the photos and see some truly interesting faces. I found the website through the cupcake blog, so you never know where the web will take you. Above is a photo of me kissing a prince, er frog, that I wish Bill had taken. Now check out his photos ya'll!

Did you know that where hot chocolate is concerned ice cubes are the new marshmallows?

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Coupla outta sight sites

I love cupcakes! They became all the rage this year. I have a friend who remembers I love cupcakes and he brought some to our group lunch today. Aren't they pretty? There is nothing better than that super sweet buttercream frosting. . . except maybe for good pop culture dish to go along with it. Today's lunch w/ cupcake topic: Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant at 16 of course! There was a brief digression onto the sauna scene in Eastern Promises, but I before I digress way too far way from cupcakes, I have an amazing website to share w/ you.

Cupcakes Take the Cake is tasty blog, also on blogspot, that I ran across this summer while shuffling through random blogs after checking out the latest nephew photos. Now I don't live in a big enough community to have a cupcake club like the bloggers in NYC do, but it sure looks fun. Since then my lunch friend Chris aka Virginia Hamm has treated me to cupcakes twice and we had "Red Velvet Cupcake Day" at the Delux Bakery in Iowa City Iowa. I hope you find the blog as sweet as I do.

My nephews brought me a calendar today. I had seen the website for Stuff on My Cat earlier this year also, but never imagined they'd do a daily calendar. Can't wait for the new year to start so I can see new stuff on a new cat every new day.

Remember you can luv cupcakes and you can luv cats, but if you try to mix the 2 you'll get hair in your frosting or frosting in your hair!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

What I tried to post before . . . aka today's news -- today what I got was...
Not one thing off the list; not even the superglue!

I did get:

Cat cards, cat stickers and a dancing cat with candy fish =^..^=
Subscription renewal to Allure magazine
Coffeehouse gift certificate
Pizza place gift certificate
Local movie theater tickets

So many of my passions appeared, even if none of the list items were checked off. The best part of the day though was the brother, sister-in-law, nephews, grandma, mom & dad there to help me celebrate. We had homemade red sauce & meatballs with penne and the annual Waldorf Red Velvet Cake – cooked icing, not cream cheese. As the ad says...PRICELESS

Email to my blog experiment victims er friends

Blog o Blues
I have been faithful to Yahoo! for years and so of course I went to them first for my big blog experiment. However. . . my second blog entry would NOT post and apparently the 360 project is being scrapped so will never be outta beta. So stay tuned for further details of buckycatt blog . . . on the move.

From yesterday on Yahoo 360!

On the eve of my 43rd birthday I decided to join the legions of bloggers and start my own little corner of the internet.

Here is a short list of things I would like for my birthday/Christmas & when I win the lottery:

1. New bed

2. New eyeglasses
3. New cell phone
4. CND For Audrey nail polish
5. Franklin-Covey 2008 organizer products
6. The OC entire series DVD collection
7. Superglue
8. A pink Electra bicycle with a basket, bell and helmet

Check back tomorrow to see what I ended up getting.