Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Coupla outta sight sites

I love cupcakes! They became all the rage this year. I have a friend who remembers I love cupcakes and he brought some to our group lunch today. Aren't they pretty? There is nothing better than that super sweet buttercream frosting. . . except maybe for good pop culture dish to go along with it. Today's lunch w/ cupcake topic: Jamie Lynn Spears pregnant at 16 of course! There was a brief digression onto the sauna scene in Eastern Promises, but I before I digress way too far way from cupcakes, I have an amazing website to share w/ you.

Cupcakes Take the Cake is tasty blog, also on blogspot, that I ran across this summer while shuffling through random blogs after checking out the latest nephew photos. Now I don't live in a big enough community to have a cupcake club like the bloggers in NYC do, but it sure looks fun. Since then my lunch friend Chris aka Virginia Hamm has treated me to cupcakes twice and we had "Red Velvet Cupcake Day" at the Delux Bakery in Iowa City Iowa. I hope you find the blog as sweet as I do.

My nephews brought me a calendar today. I had seen the website for Stuff on My Cat earlier this year also, but never imagined they'd do a daily calendar. Can't wait for the new year to start so I can see new stuff on a new cat every new day.

Remember you can luv cupcakes and you can luv cats, but if you try to mix the 2 you'll get hair in your frosting or frosting in your hair!

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Dink Winkster said...

Hey my little cup cake! Happy new year!