Saturday, December 29, 2007

Before It's Too Late

Before It's too late, please check out one of the most incredible photography sites of 2007 365 Portraits by Bill Wadman has been a highlight of my year. Mr. Wadman is a photographer living in NYC and he has taken a photo of a different person every single day. They haven't all been famous, but he has included photos of such illuminaries as Imogen Heap and Buzz Aldrin. You can still view the photos and see some truly interesting faces. I found the website through the cupcake blog, so you never know where the web will take you. Above is a photo of me kissing a prince, er frog, that I wish Bill had taken. Now check out his photos ya'll!

Did you know that where hot chocolate is concerned ice cubes are the new marshmallows?


Dink Winkster said...

Have you considered a frog cupcake?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link- very cool! I love portrait photography.
My latest obsession has been old restored photographs from civil war era on.