Monday, January 21, 2008

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Sorry for the long delay. I am having a challenge getting used to a new job, but today was a government holiday so I had a little bit of extra time on my hands.

Regarding the above photo, it was meant to allow me to comment on 3 different interests, but upon looking at it only 2 of the 3 are apparent.

Starting from the top, I'm tickled to death with my birthday present of the first season of the stellar high school drama The O.C. Mike & Chris were so sneaky in providing me with a means to keep satisfying my habit for watching episodes without having to fill up my Blockbuster queue again. Thanks to Blockbuster I have seen every episode, but can make my way through at least the first season at leisure. You avid readers will remember that I had the complete series box on my birthday/Christmas wishlist, but this is an amazingly good start as some afficiandos contend season 1 was the best of the 3.5. It consists of 27 episodes, because the show originally premiered in the summer and then thankfully got picked up for a full season. Why do I like this bit of fluff?

1 I have a weakness for well done high school movies and tv shows because I enjoyed my small town high school experience so much. 2 The music is an indy lovers dream. A little heavy on the emo, but stellar tunes by the likes of Imogen Heap, Sufjan Stevens and LCD Soundsystem were used. The music is so worthy it deserves a post of its own, which I'm sure it will receive at some point. 3 Captain Oats & Princess Sparkle. 4 Adam Brody & Rachel Bilson - possibly the cutest geek/prom queen couple ever.

The second item of note in the above picture is the 14 karat fup shirt I purchased from Powells bookstore in Portland Oregon. No I've never been there, but for years I've received their newsletters, and have frequently ordered from them vs. amazon. The reason I discovered Powells was because their technical bookstore had an amazing store cat named fup. No, I never met her either, but like tons of other newsletter readers I always scrolled to the bottom of the latest issue first to read about fup.'s adventures. Well written, quirky, and almost believable. Fup. was so real to me I was dismayed to read of her passing in late 2007. Her tribute can be read here and is worth a view.

Since her death I have connected with several other fans, including shoutouts to Beth at Powells, Gretchin and Amy. I also purchased the two available t-shirts. The shirts were printed for fup.'s birthday parties for several years. I have requested a memorial t-shirt, but haven't heard back from "Dave" yet. If you like cats you might get on board and contact Powells for 1 last super tee.

#3 0f 3 in the above picture will be in a separate post. Thanks for stopping by.

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