Monday, January 21, 2008

#3 of 3 from previous post

I work at a tanning and hair salon a couple nights a week and on Saturdays for some fun money. I love the job because of the people. The customers and staff are great to visit with, and as you know I love to talk. Don't worry, they don't let me near the scissors.

Recently while working there, I saw this page in a Modern Salon magazine. It said the lady's fine, slightly wavy hair made it perfect for the hairstyle. Since that is my hair type, I thought I just might be able to pull off the look. My stylist Tracy modified it to my lifestyle and the results can almost be seen on the previous post picture. The thing I like the most about it is the short bangs. Quite liberating and easy to care for. The modified 'do fits my new life too as I am out in the wind much more than before, and with a shake its back in place. What do you think?


Brothers McB said...

This new "do" sounds great, but you need to post a pic that really shows it. I'm sure you make it look amazing.

Anonymous said...

If the wind didn't blow here, the people of Livingston would have to get real hairdos.

Glad that you finally updated! It's about time!!!!

newbrady said...

Hey! You look marvelous! You look so good I'm going to forgive you for your OC guilty little pleasure.

.....sorry to hear about Fup