Monday, January 21, 2008

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I work at a tanning and hair salon a couple nights a week and on Saturdays for some fun money. I love the job because of the people. The customers and staff are great to visit with, and as you know I love to talk. Don't worry, they don't let me near the scissors.

Recently while working there, I saw this page in a Modern Salon magazine. It said the lady's fine, slightly wavy hair made it perfect for the hairstyle. Since that is my hair type, I thought I just might be able to pull off the look. My stylist Tracy modified it to my lifestyle and the results can almost be seen on the previous post picture. The thing I like the most about it is the short bangs. Quite liberating and easy to care for. The modified 'do fits my new life too as I am out in the wind much more than before, and with a shake its back in place. What do you think?

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Sorry for the long delay. I am having a challenge getting used to a new job, but today was a government holiday so I had a little bit of extra time on my hands.

Regarding the above photo, it was meant to allow me to comment on 3 different interests, but upon looking at it only 2 of the 3 are apparent.

Starting from the top, I'm tickled to death with my birthday present of the first season of the stellar high school drama The O.C. Mike & Chris were so sneaky in providing me with a means to keep satisfying my habit for watching episodes without having to fill up my Blockbuster queue again. Thanks to Blockbuster I have seen every episode, but can make my way through at least the first season at leisure. You avid readers will remember that I had the complete series box on my birthday/Christmas wishlist, but this is an amazingly good start as some afficiandos contend season 1 was the best of the 3.5. It consists of 27 episodes, because the show originally premiered in the summer and then thankfully got picked up for a full season. Why do I like this bit of fluff?

1 I have a weakness for well done high school movies and tv shows because I enjoyed my small town high school experience so much. 2 The music is an indy lovers dream. A little heavy on the emo, but stellar tunes by the likes of Imogen Heap, Sufjan Stevens and LCD Soundsystem were used. The music is so worthy it deserves a post of its own, which I'm sure it will receive at some point. 3 Captain Oats & Princess Sparkle. 4 Adam Brody & Rachel Bilson - possibly the cutest geek/prom queen couple ever.

The second item of note in the above picture is the 14 karat fup shirt I purchased from Powells bookstore in Portland Oregon. No I've never been there, but for years I've received their newsletters, and have frequently ordered from them vs. amazon. The reason I discovered Powells was because their technical bookstore had an amazing store cat named fup. No, I never met her either, but like tons of other newsletter readers I always scrolled to the bottom of the latest issue first to read about fup.'s adventures. Well written, quirky, and almost believable. Fup. was so real to me I was dismayed to read of her passing in late 2007. Her tribute can be read here and is worth a view.

Since her death I have connected with several other fans, including shoutouts to Beth at Powells, Gretchin and Amy. I also purchased the two available t-shirts. The shirts were printed for fup.'s birthday parties for several years. I have requested a memorial t-shirt, but haven't heard back from "Dave" yet. If you like cats you might get on board and contact Powells for 1 last super tee.

#3 0f 3 in the above picture will be in a separate post. Thanks for stopping by.