Sunday, February 22, 2009

If buckycatt ran the Oscars

Tonight is the holy night of the year for buckycatt. It is Oscar night and purr usual I have seen as many of the films as I possibly could, what with living in the film wilderness of Montana. Throughout watching many excellent films worthy of nomination, I kept thinking of all the catagories that do not get awarded each year. Fortunately for ya'll I plan to share these missing catagories, and my picks for this year's winners with you. Please, hold your applause until the end.

Best Gratuitous Butt Scene -- James Franco in Milk (I would have nominated him over Josh Brolin for Supporting Actor)

Best "Feel Good" Movie -- Slumdog Millionaire (There was no other movie like it out there this year!)

Most Likely to be Robbed by a Dead Guy -- Robert Downey, Jr. in Tropic Thunder (Heath Ledger was better in 10 Things..., Monster's Ball or Brokeback Mountain)

Person I'd Most Like to See Give a Speech -- Brad Pitt (His understated CGI laden performance doesn't deserve to win, but I'd love to see him give the acceptance speech)

Best Movie Couple -- Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet (Revolutionary Road hasn't made it here yet, but basically I would watch these two read the phone book to each other)

Robbed of a Nomination (multiple winners) -- Clint Eastwood (Best Actor for Gran Torino); Bruce Springsteen (Best Song for The Wrestler); and Michael Sheen (Best Support Actor for Frost/Nixon)

Why Were They Nominated? -- Penelope Cruz in the worthless Vicky Christina Barcelona; Peter Gabriel for Down to Earth from Wall-E (boring song); and the previously mentioned Josh Brolin in Milk (he deserved a nomination for No Country for Old Men much more!)

Tonight's Ensemble -- I will be wearing a Just My Size aqua and white tracksuit with a white fruit of the loom t-shirt. My shoes will be blue flats from Ross Dress for Less. My bag will be turquoise and fuschia from The Bag Lady (aka Aunt Judy). My lipstick and gloss will be by MAC for Hello Kitty. My earrings will be from Lia Sophia. My rings will be from eBay (aquamarine for and citrine for the nephews). And my necklace will be Sagittarius and Turquoise by Far Fetched.

Miscellaneous - Grandma's favorite movie of the year P.S. I Love You. Best surprise of the year Tropic Thunder. Movie I'm most sorry not to have seen by today The Reader.

Enjoy the show everyone!

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